Class 2 Automatic Driver Training

Your Class 2 driver’s licence specifies:

  • Buses, including school buses, special activity buses and special vehicles
  • Trailers or towed vehicles may not exceed 4,600 kg – may exceed 4,600 kg only if bus and trailers do not have air brakes
  • Any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles in Class 4

Your Class 2 driver training includes school bus driver training, special activity bus driver training, and special vehicle driver training. 10 hours of one-on-one bus training and driving, 16-hour air brakes, 4-hour mechanical pre-trip course, and 1.5-hour MVB road test.

To begin Class 2 driver training, you must have a valid Class 2 learner’s licence. The textbook used to study for this test is Driving Commercial Vehicles and can be picked up at no charge at any motor vehicle office or MTI. For Class 2 training please request a copy of your current driver’s abstract be emailed to from ICBC ( Once you have a valid Class 2 learner’s licence and had your abstract sent please contact our office to schedule training.


  • 10 hours of one-on-one bus training/driving
  • 1.5 hours for the MVB road test
  • 16-hour Air Brakes course
  • 4-hour Mechanical Pre-trip course
  • Continuous Intake

Tuition:  $2,100 tax receipt issued upon completion