Life at MTI

Mountain Transport Institute is located in beautiful southern British Columbia in the City of Castlegar. Castlegar is a small community of about 8,000 and is the ideal place to learn to drive a tractor trailer. Traffic is light compared to larger cities and students can concentrate on learning to drive instead of being stuck in traffic. Driving in the narrow streets of Castlegar and the surrounding communities prepare students well for any difficult manoeuvring they might encounter as a professional driver.

Most importantly, students learn to drive safely in the mountains. Castlegar is surrounded by some of the most challenging mountain highways in North America. Learning the proper way to climb and descend these hills with a fully-loaded truck is vital to ensuring your safety and the security of the travelling public. MTI specializes in teaching the proper way to drive in the mountains. Understanding how to safely descend a mountain pass in a fully-loaded truck without losing your brakes is what we teach. Once you learn how to drive safely in the mountains of B.C. you can drive anywhere.

A Typical Day at MTI

Life at MTI is designed to immerse you in the world of professional trucking. You begin your day in the dispatcher’s office, just like at a trucking company. Each morning you will be dispatched to the tasks that have been laid out for you that day. Some days will be spent in the classroom learning the rules and regulations that govern trucking or the details of how to properly secure a load. Other days will be spent in the cab practicing backing and docking or perhaps on an all-day drive. You could be assigned to the simulator to work on the finer points of shifting. Every day is designed to meet your needs as a student and to help you on the path to becoming a professional driver.

Living in Castlegar

MTI will help you find accommodation for your stay in Castlegar. We have arrangements for motels, home stay and other options to make your time at MTI pleasant and as reasonably priced as possible. Contact us and ask what options we have available for the class you want to attend.