Mountain Driver Training

Based in Castlegar, BC within one hour of 4 different mountain passes, Mountain Transport Institute Ltd. is situated in the best terrain to build your skills. Our Mountain Driver Training is a week-long immersion into the intricacies of handling heavily loaded trucks in the mountains, offered with both loaded tridem or loaded super-B trailers.

Drivers learn proper procedures for ascending and descending long mountain grades. Instruction includes methods to complete difficult downhill downshifts when the wrong gear has been selected for descending a grade, plus methods for identifying sharp curves ahead of time and proper procedures for dealing with them. We teach and reinforce techniques for deciding how to choose the correct gears for downgrades and anticipating grade changes.

Students complete a written test on the theory of driving on mountains and hills, and a 3-hour evaluation on the final day. A Mountain Driver Training Certificate is issued to the student upon successful completion of both.

Mountain Driver Training at MTI

Entrance requirements:

  • Valid Class 1 License
  • Copy of current drivers abstract
  • Students must be competent at up- and downshifting a non-synchronized multi-speed transmission.

Drivers receive:

  • 4 hours classroom time
  • 2 hours shifting simulator time
  • 24 hours truck time
  • 22.5 hours observation*

*The observation time is only included when there are two participants at the same time.

Accommodations are available in Castlegar:

  • Room & Board
  • Rooms only, with shared kitchen & laundry
  • Suites for rent

Please contact us for further information.