New Driver Training – Class 5 / Class 7

ANNOUNCEMENT – May 22, 2024

MTI has re-branded our New Driver Training program as Kootenay Driver Training (KDT). You can find the new KDT website for Class 5/Class 7 driver training registration and lesson booking at and our KDT staff can be reached at or by calling 250-687-8883.

New Driver Training is for those who want to start or upgrade their car driving skills. This training is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and you must have a valid Class 5 or Class 7 licence or learner’s. We offer training in Castlegar, Nelson and Trail. Students are asked to review and adhere to our training standards before they begin training – including having their original Learner’s Licence or Foreign Licence on their person for each lesson.

Class 5 / 7 Driver Training Vehicle

Here is the list of training packages currently available:


• 60 Minutes for $ 145.00+ GST
For those drivers who just want to check on or refresh your skills, a 60-minute lesson may be enough if you are still learning lots of new skills; it will give you enough new things to practice with your “co-pilot” before you come back to learn more new skills. If a longer highway driving lesson is wanted, we can book 2 consecutive 60-minute lessons to allow for that. Our instructors will customize each lesson to match your current skill level, help you polish those skills and advance you to the next level in your driving.


All of our packages start you from the beginning and builds your skills and confidence up through to the ICBC road test. From your very first adjustment of the driver seat and a trip around the block, to working your way in to traffic as well as busy city driving up to and including a drive on one of the area highways. We are laying the foundation of strong driving habits that will carry you beyond simply passing the road test to all of the freedom and independence of being a safe driver and travelling where you want when you want! Different students will need different amounts of training time to accomplish their goals. Our instructors will assess where your skills are at and build in the missing pieces or just start from the beginning as needed.  As with all our training, if you require additional hours to brush up certain skills or because you do not have the ability to practice, they are always available for purchase.

3 Hours On-Road training/driving – $ 380.00 + GST  

5 Hours On-Road training/driving – $ 595.00 + GST  

7 Hours On-Road training/driving – $ 795.00 + GST  

Add our road test prep package to any of these for $230.00 + GST


• Includes use of MTI vehicle – $ 325.00 + GST
As part of this package we will pick you up and provide a warm-up drive to shake off the road test day jitters. We will also advise you on how best to book your ICBC road test. Get in touch with us for more info. Once you are finished, we will return you back to home, school or work. Using MTI’s vehicle ensures that there are no surprises on your big day as we guarantee that our vehicle will meet ICBC’s strict requirements for road test vehicles. This package is available to anyone who has taken at least one lesson with us. Furthermore, it can be added on to a Package at a discounted price (see above).


• Two 60-Minute Lessons – Contact our office for your special senior’s discount.  
From time to time, drivers are contacted by ICBC to come in for a re-test (ERA) of their driving skills. This may occur because of an incident, a medical condition, returning from an extended period of living overseas or just because you are lucky enough to have reached an age where ICBC wants to check up on your skills. If it has been a while since you’ve taken a government road test, you are going to find that their expectations have changed since last time. Not driving as much as you used to and/or feeling uncomfortable while driving would be other reasons to book this training package.

Let our expert instructors bring you up to date on the latest techniques used to drive safely and successfully on today’s busy roads. We recommend that you take this training in our modern training vehicle, but if you would prefer to use your own car – we can discuss that as well. Once our instructor assesses your current skill level, they will work with you to brush up on any skills that you may need help with and ensure your defensive driving skills are up to date.


All students undergoing driver training must be well-rested, alert, and completely sober for their appointment. Students must also adhere to basic hygiene standards and be aware of any unpleasant or incriminating odours. The original Learner’s Licence must be present (no photocopy or digital copy), and we do not allow anyone else in the vehicle during the lesson.


MTI requires a minimum of two business days notice to cancel or reschedule any Class 5/7 driver training session. You can text, email or call to give us notice.

If enough notice is given, we can cancel / reschedule your lesson to a time in the near future that works for you. If you do not give proper notice, the lesson / lesson fee is forfeited.


• MTI will be offering the Graduated Licensing Program in the near future. We are currently creating and fine-tuning our curriculum that will then need to be approved by ICBC’s Driver Training and Certification branch. Once we receive our initial approval, we will be running a pilot course for ICBC to attend an give us our final approval.  We will update this page when we have a better idea of exact dates.

Book your ICBC Appointments: Road Test / Knowledge Test

Please contact MTI for any further information regarding Class 5 driver training and scheduling:

PHONE:   250-687-8883