Class 3 Driver Training

To begin Class 3 driver training, a student must obtain the desired class of learner’s licence, which is a multiple choice test taken at your local motor vehicle office. The text book used to study for this test is Driving Commercial Vehicles and can be picked up for free at any motor vehicle office or at MTI. For Class 3 training, we also require a copy of your current driver’s abstract; please visit ICBC’s website and request that your abstract be emailed to us at to apply.

Your Class 3 licence includes:

  • Trucks with more than two axles, such as dump trucks and large tow trucks, but not including a bus that is being used to transport passengers
  • Trailers or towed vehicles may not exceed 4,600 kg – may exceed 4,600 kg only if truck and trailers do not have air brakes
  • A tow car towing a vehicle of any weight
  • A mobile truck crane
  • Any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles in Class 5

CLASS 3 Driver Training package:

  • 29 hours of one-on-one truck training/driving
  • 1.5 hours for the MVB road test
  • 7.5 hour Single Unit Air Brakes course
  • 4 hour Mechanical Pre-Trip course
  • 4 hour Defensive Driving course
  • 4 hour Load Securement course
  • 4 Hour Log Book course
  • 4 hour Axle Weights course
  • 4 hour Chain Up course
  • Continuous Intake, Part-Time Basis

Tuition:  $5,750 CAD – tax receipt issued upon completion.

Class 3 Driver Training - Dump Truck