International Accommodations

Accommodation Assistance Program


MTI offers the accommodation assistance program for students who do not want the headache of searching for accommodations themselves in the Castlegar area for the duration of their training. This is an optional program that students who wish to do so may enrol in. It is not mandatory.

The accommodation assistance program includes:

  • Homestay or hotel placement
  • Castlegar airport pickup and drop off arrangement

All accommodations will be pre-screened by MTI and deemed suitable for student usage.  Students are to fill out the Accommodation Assistance application form (1) and pay the non-refundable $100 assistance fee. Once the application has been submitted along with fees owing, MTI employees will match you with either a homestay family or hotel, based on preferences given in the application.

Rent is to be paid directly to the assigned homestay family or hotel.

Finding your own accommodations

Students are not required to participate in the accommodation assistance program. Students who wish to do so, can search for and book their own accommodations. Please be aware that MTI has no involvement in the accommodations of students wishing to find their own. Students will be responsible for finding and booking their own accommodations and figuring out their own pick up and drop off arrangements at the Castlegar Airport.

1404 – Accommodation Assistance Policy