About Mountain Transport Institute (MTI)

Mountain Transport Institute (MTI)’s Professional Truck Driving School

Mountain Transport Institute Ltd. (MTI) is North America’s premier truck driver training school. All instructors are professional truck drivers who are dedicated to assisting you to become one of the best professional truck drivers on the road today. MTI teaches “The MTI Way”, the premium Class 1 training program in North America.

Mountain Transport Institute (MTI)’s President, Andy Roberts, was employed for 18 years as a professional driver and owner/operator in the mountains of southern British Columbia. During this time, Andy recognized the need for a higher standard of training than the industry.  MTI was established to provide that improved training and he and the staff of MTI are continually upgrading their knowledge to provide THE BEST Professional Driver Training in North America.

Over time MTI’s training has evolved to become The MTI Way.

The MTI Way is the result of the over 100+ combined years of trucking experience of MTI’s instructors combined with over 18 years of training professional drivers. The MTI Way prepares students to be Professional = Responsible + Reliable + Knowledgeable and SAFE.

As a Mountain Transport Institute Professional Driver graduate you will be grounded in The MTI Way and have confidence and knowledge to deal with whatever challenges life sends your way in your new profession.

MTI’s Advantages:

  • Industry-leading course design and curriculum
  • Experienced, certified and licensed under the “Motor Vehicle Act” instructors
  • Located in the mountains of southern BC
  • A transmission shifting simulator to enable you to become an expert shifter
  • Support of quality employers in the trucking industry

Leading course design – Our course is designed to teach you how to be a safe, knowledgeable professional truck driver. The courses cover all aspects of trucking to provide you with the knowledge required to safely and economically operate a fully-loaded rig. Our courses are not designed to be the least expensive or quickest way to get a Class 1 license. MTI’s courses are about becoming a professional driver with a great job at a great company. That goal takes a bit longer and costs a bit more to achieve, however, the satisfaction of a great education and a great job will be ample reward for the extra time and cost.

The best instructors – MTI’s instructors are THE best in the industry. All have a minimum of 10 years full-time experience as professional truck drivers prior to becoming instructors at MTI. All are licensed as a driver training instructor under the Motor Vehicle Act and have attended a MTI designed and approved training course. See the Instructors page for more on our great instructors.

Location, location, location – Castlegar is situated on Highway 3 in the heart of the Kootenay region of BC’s interior Selkirk Mountains. Our location ensures that drivers learn and practice how to safely navigate and manage heavily loaded trucks up and down the toughest, longest, steepest mountain grades. Employers of MTI’s grads love the fact that our students are trained in safe operating procedures for mountain driving; one of the reasons our grads are in such high demand.

Transmission Simulator – MTI has a transmission simulator to teach proper shifting techniques. The simulator allows students to perfect their shifting skills without having to worry about traffic and other distractions. The MTI Way students may access the simulator on days off, before and after class, for extra practice – for FREE!

Commitment to Excellence

Mountain Transport Institute is committed to improving the quality of the professional drivers on the highways and to make our roads safer for us to travel. MTI provides their students the best and most professional training available. We all share the roads with the trucks; wouldn’t you rather know that the driver behind the wheel was trained to a higher standard?