Professional Truck Driver Training The ‘MTI Way PLATINUM’

Professional Truck Driver Training

The MTI Way Platinum MELT is a comprehensive professional truck driver training program designed to prepare our students for a fulfilling career. The MTI Way Platinum MELT program is focused on producing employable entry-level Professional Truck Drivers, not simply teaching students to pass the ICBC road test. Mountain Transport Institute (MTI) is recognized by trucking companies as being the leader in Professional Truck Driver training and development in Canada.

“Quite honestly MTI is so good that there is often a waiting list of employment offers for MTI graduates from quality carriers that MTI has dealt with over the years.”

Matt Berry, President
Berry and Smith Trucking Ltd.

Course Outline – The MTI Way – Platinum

The first 8 weeks of The MTI Way Platinum is designed to take you from never having seen the inside of a truck (although some of our students already have a Class 1, but not enough experience to gain employment) to the ICBC Road Test. Instruction throughout The MTI Way Platinum will take place both in the cab as well as hands-on labs and in the classroom.

The final 4 weeks takes a student from license holder to entry-level Professional Driver. The ICBC Road Test measures your basic skills at maneuvering a tractor-trailer safely around a predetermined route (some schools simply teach the route to their students, which is illegal). The MTI Way Platinum MELT will measure the skills an employer requires. Skills developed and evaluated include:

  • Pre-trip Inspection
  • En Route Inspection
  • Post-Trip Inspection
  • Shifting: Basic and Advanced
  • Backing and Docking
  • Couple / Uncoupling
  • Sliding 5th Wheels
  • Sliding Trailer Axles
  • Chain Up
  • Defensive Driving – Urban
  • Defensive Driving – Highway
  • Defensive Driving – Adverse Conditions
  • Driving on Mountains and Hills
  • Driving for Fuel Economy
  • Log Book Completion
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Your first attempt at these MELT Skills Assessments generally begins in week 5 of the program with all skills evaluated at least twice by the end of week 7.

Once all skills are passed, the student may use the balance of their training hours for more advanced training (Super B, etc.) or leave the course early to start the last portion of the program (Coach Mentor Program).

If all skills have not been achieved by the end of Week 8 students may purchase additional training time in order to pass their remaining skills.

Coach Mentor Program

Students successful in all of the evaluations will qualify to advance to the Coach Mentor Program (CMP), weeks 9-12 of The MTI Way Platinum. The preparation for the CMP segment will allow individual students to establish contact with prospective employers. The CMP takes place over 4 weeks and consists of a minimum of 100 hours behind the wheel with a sponsoring employer. CMP is provided by a sponsoring transport company with their coaches/employees. Employers expect students to be committed to a long-term career (2+ years) with them prior to accepting a free of charge CMP placement. We strongly advise that you complete extensive research into the type of job (local, regional, and long-haul) that you so desire.  MTI happily assists all successful CMP students in identifying which carriers offer the type of work they are seeking, enabling them to determine the best suitable carriers.

*Note: To qualify for CMP you must achieve an 80% minimum grade on the written evaluations and one final exam, as well as mastery must be achieved on all skills evaluations during the first 8 weeks.

MTI Way graduates are in demand by quality employers as they are measured to be at a higher standard of employability than simply passing an ICBC Road Test.

Tuition:  $21,500 CAD + $300 for Books – tax receipt issued upon course completion.

To apply for the MTI Way Platinum program, you must have a minimum of a valid Class 5 licence and be 19-years of age.