The MTI Way International


Professional Truck Drivers are needed in Canada and some trucking companies are hiring foreign drivers. Which companies are hiring and how many drivers are needed is constantly changing. Foreign drivers must be sponsored by a trucking company to receive a work permit as a Temporary Foreign Worker to work legally in Canada. Trucking companies recruit drivers from different countries and most of those drivers then need to get a Canadian license when they arrive in Canada. The MTI Way International Program offers you the opportunity to come to Canada and achieve your Canadian Driver’s License, even without having any prior truck driving experience, before applying for jobs in Canada. Having your Canadian truck drivers license prior to applying for employment does not guarantee you will get a job in Canada but it will make you more desirable to hire for Canadian companies. As an entry level Professional Driver it will be more difficult to get a job in Canada and in most cases you will need to return to your home country and gain additional experience, before a Canadian Trucking Company will consider hiring you. It’s important to remember that you are coming to a new country and the rules for driving and trucking will be different than what you are used to. Employers expect you to be able to perform to Canadian standards and this will require you to learn new information, adapt your skills and behave in a Professional manner at all times.


Even if you have little to no commercial driving experience, this course will provide you with the knowledge to meet the expectations of Canadian employers as an entry-level professional driver and the training to obtain your Canadian Class 1 Driver’s Licence. This course will take approximately 10 weeks to complete and requires that you obtain a Canadian Study Visa prior to coming to Canada. Studying and memorization of pertinent materials prior to leaving your home country is required.

Program Components

  • Access to study materials for the government exams prior to leaving your home country
  • Online pre test for government exams prior to leaving your home country
  • Access to Pre Trip Inspection system prior to leaving your Country
  • Arrangement to write government exams upon arrival in Canada
  • Arrangement to complete mandatory Driver Medical upon arrival in Canada
  • BC Air Brakes Course
  • Smart Driver for Highway Trucking Course (driving for fuel economy)
  • Axle Weights / Load Distribution Course
  • Basic Load Securement Course
  • Hours of Service / Log Book Course
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Paper work and basic border crossing information
  • Installation and maintenance of Tire Chains
  • Learn Pre Trip, enroute and post trip inspection procedures
  • Learn Coupling and Uncoupling procedures
  • Up to 85 hours of training time in the trucks to include
    • Knowledge and skills to shift a non synchronized (Eaton / Fuller) Transmission
    • Driving with 53 foot trailers safely and efficiently
    • Safely backing 53 foot trailers
    • Government Road Test
    • Knowledge and skills to drive defensively in all situations
    • Knowledge and skills to drive a loaded tractor trailer in mountains and hills
    • Final driver evaluation you can submit to potential Canadian employers.

Depending on which country you come from, you may also have to pass a class 5 road test prior to writing the knowledge test for your class 1 learners license due to your country not having license reciprocity.

Package Price is $19,150.00 CAD

Tuition is payable in advance of your training program beginning.

If additional training time is required in the trucks to learn or master skills additional charges will apply, charged at an hourly rate.